24-Bit Quadrature Counter (20 Pins, 24-Pins TSSOP)

LS7166B-S, LS7166B-TS, LS7166B

The LS7166B is a CMOS, 24-bit counter which can be programmed to operate in several functional modes. The operating modes are set up by writing configuration data into control registers. There are three 6-bit and one 2-bit control registers for configuring the…

24-Bit x 2 Multi-Mode Counter (28 Pins)

LS7267-S, LS7267-TS, LS7267

The LS7267 has a set of registers associated with each X and Y axis. All X-axis registers have the name prefix X, whereas all Y-axis registers have the prefix Y. Selection of a specific register for Read/Write is made from the decode of the three most significant bits…

32-Bit Multi-Mode Counter with Serial Interface (14 Pins)

LS7366R-S, LS7366R-TS, LS7366R

LS7366R is a 32-bit CMOS counter, with direct interface for quadrature clocks from incremental encoders. It also interfaces with the index signals from incremental encoders to perform variety of marker functions. For communications with microprocessors…

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24-BIT 2-Axes Programmable Quadrature Counter with Serial (SPI) Interface (16 Pins)

LS7466R-S, LS7466R-TS

LS7466 is a monolithic CMOS 24-bit programmable counter. It consists of two identical functional modules to interface with X and Y axes encoders simultaneously. Each block consists of the following registers: MCR0, MCR1, IDR, ODR, CNTR, DSTR and SSTR. MCR0 and MCR1 controls the functional modes.

24-Bit x 4 Multi-Mode Counter (48 Pins)


The LS7566R consists of four identical modules of 24-bit programmable counters with direct interface to incremental encoders. The modules can be configured to operate as quadrature clock counters or non-quadrature up/down counters. In both quadrature and non…

32-Bit Quadrature Counters (24; 28; 38; 48 Pins)

LS7766SO-S, LS7766SO-TS, LS7766SO, LS7766SH-TS, LS7766DO-S, LS7766DO-TS, LS7766DO, LS7766DH-TS

The LS7766 consists of two identical modules of 32-bit programmable up/down counters (CNTR) with direct interface to incremental encoders. The modules can be configured to operate as quadrature-clock counters or non-quadrature up/down counters…

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32-Bit Quadrature Counter With I2C Interface (14 Pins)

LS7866-S, LS7866-TS, LS7866

LS7866 is a monolithic CMOS 32-bit counter, programmable to operate in 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit or 32-bit modular structures. Inputs are provided to interface directly with the quadrature clocks and the index markers from incremental encoders. The programmable modes include: X1/X2/X4 quadrature or bidirectional non-quadrature.