Quadrature Clock Decoder
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LS7083N-S, LS7083N, LS7084N-S, LS7084N

Category: Incremental Encoder Interface

Status: In Production

Stock Availability: DIP, SOIC

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• x1 and x4 mode selection
• Up to 16 MHz output clock frequency
• Programmable output clock pulse width
• On-chip filtering of intputs for optical or magnetic encoder applications
• TTL and CMOS compatible I/O


The LS7083N and LS7084N are CMOS quadrature clock converters. Quadrature clocks derived from optical or magnetic encoders, when applied to the A and B inputs of the LS7083N or LS7084N, are converted to strings of Up Clocks and Down Clocks (LS7083N) or to a Clock and an Up/Down direction control (LS7084N). These outputs can be interfaced directly with standard Up/Down counters for direction and position sensing of the encoder.