Development Kits

LS7190 and LS9200 development kit for Arduino


LS7190-9200-SH is a circuit board designed to facilitate the evaluation and application of LS9200, a CMOS LED engine in conjunction with LS7190, a CMOS digital potentiometer with SPI interface…

Archimedes Series Hexagonal Array


X010-10P0L-30 is a complete and thoroughly integrated evaluation board that features the LS9100X direct-AC LED driver. The Archimedes Series is designed to be driven directly off the 120VAC line voltage…

6 channels LS7366R shield for Arduino


The LS7366RSh shield development kit highlights the LS7366R, a 32-bit CMOS counter with direct interface for quadrature clocks from incremental encoders and supports the index signals from incremental encoders to perform variety of marker functions….