LED Drivers

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Reverse Phase (Trailing-Edge) Light Dimmer For LED Lamps (14 Pins)

LS7641-S, LS7641-TS, LS7641

LS7641 is a monolithic CMOS lamp dimmer designed for wall switch applications driving LED and incandescent lamps. It uses reverse phase dimming technology wherein the brightness of a lamp is controlled by controlling the duty cycle of the on state by varying the turn-off angle of a MOSFET driving the lamp during ac half cycles. This is in contrast with triac dimming technology wherein the duty cycle is controlled by varying the turn-on angle.

Dimmable Direct-AC LED Driver (8 Pins)



The LS9100x is a High Voltage full-bridge rectifier combined with a current limiter source circuit and protection circuit. Its rugged design is optimized for driving LED banks directly from the main utility line eliminating external components by merging them into a…

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Dimmable LED Driver (8 Pins)


LS9200 is a monolithic CMOS device for driving and dimming LED networks. The regulated constant current is maintained with an external sense resistor forming part of a feedback loop. The maximum LED load current is set by the sense resistor whose duty cycle can be modulated with a built in PWM circuit. The Pulse Width modulated duty cycle results in chromatic shift-free dimming over the entire range of 0% to 100%