Dimmable LED Driver
(8 Pins)


Category: LED Drivers

Status: Good for design, no wafers currently available

Stock Availability: SOIC

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•uA range to 300mA regulated output drive
•Built-in chromatic shift free PWM dimming
•0% to 100% PWM duty cycle regulation
•Supply voltage from 5V dc to rectified 120VAC/240VAC
•Overheat shutdown of output with hysteresis
•Qualifies for automotive temperature range
•Available in EP-SOP-8


LS9200 is a monolithic CMOS device for driving and dimming LED networks. The regulated constant current is maintained with an external sense resistor forming part of a feedback loop. The maximum LED load current is set by the sense resistor whose duty cycle can be modulated with a built in PWM circuit. The Pulse Width modulated duty cycle results in chromatic shift-free dimming over the entire range of 0% to 100% due to the regulated constant current. There are two different ways to vary the PWM duty cycle, one with an analog voltage applied at the Vdim input and the other with an external PWM signal applied at the Vdim input. The input EXPWM/ selects one or the other PWM operational modes.