Programmable Digital Locks

Automotive Ignition Digital Lock (14 Pins)

LS7220-S, LS7220

The LS7220 is a MOS digital lock circuit. When wired to a ten-digit keypad, the circuit will recognize one four-digit combination out of a possible 5040 combinations. The LS7220 is configured with the features required for an automotive ignition anti-theft digital lock…

Machine or Area Access Digital Lock (14 Pins)

LS7225-S, LS7225, LS7226-S, LS7226

The LS7225 is a monolithic, ion implanted MOS 4-Key keyless lock. The circuit includes sequential logic for interpretation of correct key closure; a momentary and static lock control output, out of sequence detection circuitry, and a tamper input. A sequence of…