Line Drivers / Receivers

*New Product*

30V Quad-Channel Differential Line Drivers (16 Pins, 20 Pins)

LS7272B, LS7272B-S, LS7272B-TS, LS7272B-20, LS7272B-S20, LS7272B-TS20

The LS7272B is short-circuit proof Quad Differential Industrial Power Line Drivers. They can operate up to 30V and have a selectable thermal shutdown feature. The Data inputs are TTL/CMOS compatible and can also be driven up to the supply voltage VDD…

*New Product*

Differential Line Receiver (16 Pins)

LS7372-S, LS7372-TS

LS7372 is a monolithic CMOS quadruple differential line receiver with 3-state outputs. The receivers meet the specifications of EIA-422B and RS-485 in respect of balanced multipoint bus transmission at rates up to 10Mbits/s. Each of the two pairs of receivers have a separate enable input. The receivers feature high input impedance and input hysteresis for increased noise immunity. The inputs have differential threshold of 200mV over…