Frequency Dividers

AC Line Frequency Dividers (8 Pins)

RED X/Y 5/6, RED X/Y 50/60, RED X/Y 100/120, RED X/Y 500/600, RED X/Y 3000/3600, RED X/Y 50/60-S, RED X/Y 500/600-S

The RED Series counter advances by one each negative transition of the input clock pulse as long as the ENABLE signal is high and the RESET signal is low. When the ENABLE signal is low the input clock pulses will be inhibited and the counter will be held at the state it was in prior…

Selectable Six Decade Divider (8 Pins)

RDD106-S, RDD106

he RDD106 is a CMOS six decade divider circuit that advances on each negative transition of the input clock pulse. When the RESET input is high the circuit is cleared to zero. The clock input is applied to a single stage inverting amplifier network whose output is brought out so that an external crystal network can be used to form an oscillator circuit…