Digital Potentiometer
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LS7190S, LS7190TS, LS7191S, LS7191TS, LS7192S, LS7192TS

Category: Incremental Encoder Interface, Digital Potentiometer

Status: In Production

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• 64 position wiper control
• Direct interface with Incremental Encoders
• Adjustable debounce for mechanical encoder/switch
• Configurable to operate with non-quadrature clock
• SPI interface for host MCU controllers
• Supply voltage: 3 to 5 volts
• Available in 20K, 50K, and 100K versions
• Qualifies for automotive temperature range
• Available in SOIC-14 and TSSOP-14


LS7190, LS7191, and LS7192 are versions of a 3-terminal digital potentiometer with two fixed terminals and a variable wiper terminal with 64 tap positions. All three parts are available in 20K, 50K, and 100K resistor versions. The wiper tap position can be varied with any of the following available input signals: up/down clock or A/B quadrature clock or direct data transfer over SPI bus. Quadrature inputs signals are debounced to accommodate mechanical quadrature encoders.

● LS7190: SPI bus, A/B quadrature inputs with adjustable debounce delay.
● LS7191: SPI bus, non-quadrature A(up)/B(down) clock inputs with debounce delay.
● SPI bus, non-quadrature A(up)/B(down) clocks without debounce to allow fast wiper sweep.