Dimmable High Voltage Direct AC LED Driver
(8 Pins)


Category: LED Drivers

Status: In Production

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• Integrated Bridge Rectifier and MOSFET Driver.
• Wide AC input range up to 310 Vac 50/60Hz.
• 50mA DC output current.
• Ultra simple circuit solution. Requires Only One R passive component.
• Thermal Turndown and Voltage Shutdown Protections.
• Thermal Enhanced SOP-8 and Heat Sink PAD package.
• TRIAC Dimmable (Leading/Trailing Edge).
• Programmable LED Current with an external sense resistor.


The LS9100x is a High Voltage full-bridge rectifier combined with a current limiter source circuit and protection circuit. Its rugged design is optimized for driving LED banks directly from the main utility line eliminating external components by merging them into a monolithic package, drastically reducing the board space and cost. The thermal turndown located in the center of the IC protects itself from operating in atypical conditions. The voltage shutdown protection circuit safeguards the IC and the system’s LEDs from voltage surges that can overstress the system.