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LS9200 – Dimmable LED Driver

LED light bulb
LSI/CSI unveils LS9200, a powerful system-level LED Dimmable Driver IC designed for seamless LED network control. With regulated constant current and chromatic shift-free PWM dimming, LS9200 offers precise dimming from 0% to 100%. Equipped with thermal shutdown protection and automotive temperature range qualification, this IC is ideal for various applications, from LED light bulbs to automotive lighting.

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MELVILLE, NY – LSI/CSI ( announces the availability of a powerful, new system level, LED Dimmable Driver IC. Designated LS9200, this high-performance IC is a monolithic CMOS device for driving and dimming LED networks.

The regulated constant current is maintained with an external sense resistor forming part of a feedback loop. The maximum LED load current is set by the sense resistor whose duty cycle can be modulated with a built in PWM circuit. The Pulse Width modulated duty cycle results in chromatic shift-free dimming over the entire range of 0% to 100% due to the regulated constant current. There are two different ways to vary the PWM duty cycle, one with an analog voltage applied at the Vdim input and the other with an external PWM signal applied at the Vdim input. The input EXPWM/ selects one or the other PWM operational modes.

To protect the system from thermal runaway, shutdown of the driver output is invoked when the device temperature exceeds 120°C. The output recovers from shut down when the temperature cools down by around 15°C from the shutdown threshold.

Power supply for LS9200 can be provided from any voltage source from 5V DC to rectified 240VAC or higher with a current limiting series resistor. The internal supply voltage in all cases is regulated at 5V


• uA range to 200mA regulated output drive
• Built-in chromatic shift free PWM dimming
• 0% to 100% PWM duty cycle regulation
• Supply voltage from 5V dc to rectified 120VAC/240VAC
• Overheat shutdown of output with hysteresis
• Qualifies for automotive temperature range
• Available in EP-SOP-8


• AC Light fixtures including ceiling light
• LED light bulb
• High intensity LED outdoors bulb
• Dimmable table lamp and light bar
• Instrumentation lighting
• Automotive dashboard and cabin lighting

View the product page and datasheet.

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