Digital Potentiometer/Rheostat with Incremental Encoder and SPI Interface

LSI/CSI unveils LS7190, LS7191, LS7192, LS7193, LS7194, and LS7195, the latest in digital potentiometer technology. These devices offer precise control with features like adjustable debounce and direct interface with incremental encoders. Perfect for remote adjustments in instrumentation and audio equipment.

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Melville, NY – LSI/CSI announces six new additions to its extensive line of Standard ICs. Designated LS7190, LS7191, LS7192, LS7193, LS7194, and LS7195. These new devices are versions of a three-terminal digital potentiometer to replace mechanical potentiometers.

Quadrature clocks from an incremental encoder or non-quadrature up and down clocks are applied to the A and B inputs. The clocks drive an internal 6-bit up/down counter with a count N ranging between 0 and 63 to correspond to 64 wiper-tap positions of a resistor chain consisting of 64 equal resistors.

The LS7190 and LS7193 interfaces with quadrature clocks from incremental encoders. The LS7191/92 and LS7194/95 interfaces with non-quadrature up (A) and down (B) clocks.

A and B inputs for LS7190/91 and LS7193/94 are debounced allowing these signals to be sourced from mechanical encoders or push-button switches.

A and B inputs for the LS7192 and LS7195 are not debounced so that fast clocks from electronic clock sources can be used.


• 64 position wiper control

• Direct interface with Incremental Encoders

• Adjustable debounce for mechanical encoder/switch

• Configurable to operate with non-quadrature clock

• SPI interface for host MCU controllers

• Supply voltage: 3 to 5 volts

• Available in 20K, 50K, and 100K versions

• Qualifies for automotive temperature range

• Available in SOIC-8, SOIC-14, and TSSOP-14


• Replacement for mechanical potentiometer

• Potentiometer adjustment with mechanical Incremental Encoder

• Remote adjustment of instrumentation for gain, offset, time constant, line impedance matching, audio equipment volume control etc.

The complete data sheet for these devices can be found by visiting Digital Potentiometers

For more information, including price quotes and technical assistance, please contact

LS7190 Block Diagram

Mechanical Encoder Interface with 8ms A/B Debounce

Push-Button Clock Interface With 33ms A/B Debounce

Rheostat Mode for Variable Gain Amplifier Application

SPI Interface With Arduino Uno

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