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LS9100X – Only Integrated Circuit Chip to Achieve Excellent Sapphire Score in 2018

LSI/CSI's LS9100X Direct-AC LED Driver IC earned a top score in the LEDsMagazine Sapphire Awards. As the sole IC component recognized, LS9100X stands out for its simplified design, reduced component count, and superior performance. With high power factor and exceptional efficacy, LS9100X redefines LED driver technology.

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The LEDsMagazine Sapphire Awards program recognizes the most innovative LED-based products in the lighting industry. LSI/CSI’s LS9100X (Archimedes Series) Direct-AC LED Driver IC recorded the 4th best Sapphire score in its category – ICs and Electronic Components for SSL.

This score reinforces the fact that LSI/CSI’s LS9100X is one the best Direct-AC LED Driver chips in the industry as it was the only IC component to make the list. Designing light engines with this 8-pin IC is straightforward and reduces the number of components required to drive LEDs drastically.

Eliminating the need for a power supply, reducing board space and form factor, while maintaining superior performance and smooth dimming is what truly sets this AC driver chip apart from the competition. The LS9100X is capable of generating a Power Factor of >0.97, THD <20%, and Efficacies well over 100 lm/W. Stop by our table at LEDucation 2019 to see the dominant LS9100X at work.

LSI/CSI offers Full Custom/Standard Integrated Circuits and Light Engines.

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