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6-Channel LS7366R 32-Bit Quadrature Counter Development Shield for Arduino

LSI/CSI presents the LS7366RSH shield, equipped with the LS7366R 32-bit CMOS counter. With six onboard quadrature counters and direct compatibility with Arduino, it simplifies position tracking and development. Featuring SPI interface and 32 MHz clock, it's an efficient solution for encoder interfacing.

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MELVILLE, NY – LSI/CSI is pleased to announce the LS7366RSH shield development kit. The LS7366RSH highlights the LS7366R, a powerful 32-bit CMOS counter with a direct interface for quadrature clocks from incremental encoders.

The LS7366RSH features a 6-channel onboard encoder platform for a full out-of-the-box experience and rapid development. The board is directly compatible with Arduino boards. It unloads all of the computation of tracking the encoders and interfaces directly with the Arduino board via SPI and IOs. For additional information visit the LS7366RSH product page.


– 6-channel onboard quadrature counters
– Direct interface with Arduino boards
– On-board 32 MHz clock
– SPI interface

A huge advantage is gained by our customers in that the LS7366R provides for a dedicated solution to position and displacement tracking at 40×106/sec line rate (at 5V) from the encoder and a count limit of 232. Its serial interface (SPI) greatly reduces the required IO wire count as compared to a parallel bus structure. It can also operate with non-quadrature clock signals and provides various counting modes for signal conditioning.

View the LS7366R datasheet here.

View the board here.

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