BLDC Motor Controller
(28 Pins)

LS7560F-S, LS7560F-TS, LS7560F, LS7561F-S, LS7561F-TS, LS7561F

Category: Brushless DC Motor Controls

Status: In Production

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• Open loop motor control
• Tachometer output for closed loop motor control
• Error Amplifier and PWM Speed Comparator with full accessibility
• High noise immunity Schmitt Triggers on sensor inputs
• 6.0V Reference Supply for external sensors
• Cycle-by-cycle current sensing
• Static, or current limited dynamic, motor braking
• Output enable delay on speed direction reversal
• Enable input with fault sensing capability
• Fault indicator output
• 60°/300° or 120°/240° electrical sensor spacing selection
• Selectable PWM of top and bottom drivers or bottom drivers only
• CMOS compatible motor outputs with drive capability
• Selectable top driver polarity
• Low power dissipation
• +10V to +18V Power Supply (VDD – VSS)


The LS7560F/LS7561F are designed to control three or four phase brushless DC motors in a closed or open loop configuration. The IC consists of a decoder which provides proper commutation sequencing, a frequency-to-pulse width converter and error amplifier for closed loop motor speed control, a PWM comparator and sawtooth oscillator for external driver power control and a 6V reference generator for supplying power to motor sensors. Also included is fault detection and indication, overcurrent sensing, dynamic motor braking, forward/reverse input, sensor spacing selections and an enable input control. The overcurrent sense condition will disable all output drivers when using the LS7560F and only the bottom drivers when usinig the LS7561F.

The IC operates from 10V to 18V and provides CMOS compatible outputs for interfacing with external power devices. Operating below 10V will activate a fault indication output and disable all output drivers.