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LSI/CSI Unveils LS7641: Revolutionary Light Dimmer Chip for Seamless LED and Incandescent Dimming

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Meet the LS7641, a game-changing dimmer chip for LED and incandescent bulbs. With advanced features like reverse-phase dimming and adjustable angles, it offers unparalleled control and safety. Perfect for various settings, from homes to healthcare.

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Melville, NY – October 12, 2023

LSI Computer Systems, Inc., a leading innovator in semiconductor technology, proudly introduces the LS7641, a state-of-the-art reverse-phase light dimmer chip designed for wall switch applications. This cutting-edge chip sets a new standard in lighting control, offering efficient dimming for both LED and incandescent bulbs.

The LS7641 represents a breakthrough in light-dimming technology. With its advanced features and versatile applications, this chip empowers users to take control of their lighting environments with unparalleled precision.

Continuing the Innovation:

The LS7641’s innovative reverse-phase dimming technology distinguishes it from traditional triac dimmers, providing users with unparalleled control over their lighting environments. Unlike conventional methods that modulate the turn-on angle, the LS7641 manipulates the turn-off angle of an external MOSFET driving the lamp during AC half cycles. This groundbreaking approach ensures continuous analog dimming steps from 0 to 100% brightness, delivering flicker-free ultralow brightness levels for LED bulbs that were previously unattainable. By eliminating current spikes during turn-on and addressing common issues like triac failure and insufficient holding current, the LS7641 represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of light-dimming technology.

Versatility and User-Friendly Design:

Designed with versatility in mind, the LS7641 offers adjustable turn-on and turn-off angles for compatibility with various types of lamps. The external rotary or sliding potentiometer seamlessly controls dimming, allowing users to customize the brightness levels effortlessly. Additionally, the chip features a mode input for selecting the power-up state, ensuring a smooth transition from the off-state. The incorporation of overcurrent protection further underscores LSI Computer Systems, Inc.’s commitment to safety, making the LS7641 a reliable and user-friendly solution for wall switch LED and incandescent light dimmers. Whether enhancing the ambiance of residential spaces or optimizing lighting conditions in commercial settings, the LS7641 empowers users to redefine their illumination experiences with precision and efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Dimming Control: LS7641 ensures optimal dimming performance for LED and incandescent lamps, delivering a seamless and customizable lighting experience.
  2. RFI Elimination: Say goodbye to interference issues associated with traditional triac dimmers. The LS7641 eliminates radio frequency interference, providing a clean and interference-free lighting environment.
  3. Flicker-Free Ultralow Brightness: Achieve ultralow brightness levels for LED bulbs without any flickering, a feat unattainable with conventional triac dimmers.
  4. Adjustable Turn-on Angle: Tailor the dimming experience for different types of lamps with an adjustable turn-on angle, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of lighting solutions.
  5. Overcurrent Protection: The LS7641 prioritizes safety with an overcurrent sense input, enabling instantaneous shutdown in case of a short or overload.
  6. User-Friendly Operation: Designed for ease of use, the chip features a toggle input for convenient on/off state control and a mode input for selectable power-up states.
  7. Versatile Applications: Ideal for wall switch LED and incandescent light dimmers, the LS7641 offers a versatile solution for various lighting scenarios.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: 3.0V to 5.5V
  • Supply Current: 130-150uA
  • 50Hz/60Hz Operation
  • Available in SOIC-14 and TSSOP-14 Packages


  • Wall switch LED and incandescent light dimmers
  • Residential Lighting Control:
    • Ideal for wall switch dimmers in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas.
    • Enables users to create customizable lighting atmospheres for different occasions.
    • Flicker-free dimming ensures a comfortable and visually appealing environment.
  • Commercial Spaces:
    • Well-suited for office spaces, conference rooms, and reception areas.
    • The adjustable turn-on and turn-off angles cater to different types of lighting fixtures.
    • Enhances energy efficiency by allowing users to adjust brightness levels based on natural light conditions.
  • Hospitality Industry:
    • Perfect for hotels, restaurants, and lounges seeking dynamic lighting control.
    • Provides a smooth transition from ambient to task lighting for enhanced guest experiences.
    • Overcurrent protection ensures the safety of both guests and the lighting infrastructure.
  • Retail Environments:
    • Supports an engaging shopping experience by allowing retailers to set the desired ambiance.
    • Adjustable parameters cater to varying store layouts and merchandise displays.
    • Offers a reliable solution for creating eye-catching product displays with controlled lighting.
  • Educational Facilities:
    • Enables educators to adjust lighting levels in classrooms and lecture halls.
    • Flicker-free ultralow brightness facilitates an optimal learning environment for audiovisual presentations.
    • The chip’s user-friendly design simplifies integration into existing lighting systems.
  • Healthcare Settings:
    • Ideal for patient rooms, waiting areas, and medical offices.
    • Allows for precise lighting control to meet the comfort and functional needs of healthcare spaces.
    • Overcurrent protection adds an extra layer of safety for critical healthcare environments.


The LS7641 is available now for purchase from LSI Computer Systems, Inc. To learn more about the LS7641 and explore its capabilities, visit

About LSI Computer Systems, Inc.:

LSI Computer Systems, Inc. is a pioneering semiconductor company committed to delivering innovative solutions for a connected world. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, LSI Computer Systems, Inc. continues to drive advancements in the field of integrated circuits.

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