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LS7372 – Differential Line Receiver

LSI/CSI unveils LS7372, a cutting-edge monolithic CMOS quadruple differential line receiver with 3-state outputs. Meeting EIA-422B and RS-485 specifications, this IC offers high noise immunity and failsafe operation, making it ideal for single-point or multipoint bus transmission. Fully pin-compatible with SN65175 and SN75175, LS7372 ensures seamless integration into existing systems.

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MELVILLE, NY – LSI/CSI ( announces the availability of a new, Differential Line Receiver. Designated LS7372, the IC is a monolithic CMOS quadruple differential line receiver with 3-state outputs.

The receivers meet the specifications of EIA-422B and RS-485 in respect of balanced multipoint bus transmission at rates up to 10Mbits/s. Each of the two pairs of receivers have a separate enable input. The receivers feature high input impedance and input hysteresis for increased noise immunity. The inputs have differential threshold of 200mV over the common-mode input range of 0 to 30V allowing it to be the effective complement of LS7272B series of line drivers. LS7372 is fully pin compatible with SN65175 and SN75175 line drivers for direct replacements.

Failsafe operation of LS7372 allows its application in multipoint bus transmission by switching the output to logic high whenever the inputs are shorted or open for cases of either terminated or un-terminated inputs. In multipoint bus connection, the failsafe operation is necessitated by the fact that individual drivers take turn in getting hold of the bus with float state of the bus while switching control from one driver to another. The high state of the receiver output in this condition allows for correct start bit at the beginning of transmission.


• Meets or exceeds EIA-422B and RS-485 requirements
• Suited for single-point or multipoint bus transmission
• Common mode input voltage from 0 to 30V
• Differential input voltages from 0 to 30V
• Differential input switching threshold < 200mV
• Failsafe output for floating, shorted and terminated inputs
• Three-state output
• Fully compatible with LS7272 series line drivers
• Pin compatible with SN65175 and SN75175 receivers
• 5V supply
• Available in SOIC-16 and TSSOP-16


• Data communication

View the product page and datasheet.

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