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RoHS /Lead-Free Products:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –


1. Are any of the restricted substances listed in the RoHS Directives contained in present products?
  Yes, Lead substances.
2. Does LSI/CSI offer Pb free devices?
  Yes LSI/CSI is proud to offer Pb free products.
3. Will the packages be identified in some way to tell them from non lead-free packages?
  Yes. The packages will have the JEDEC compliant logo, a Pb in a circle with a slash line marked on the top.
4. Will there be a reclassification of moisture sensitivity level for the new packages?
  Yes, MSL level 1 and for lead free @ 260o C IR reflow.
5. Are the SMD Lead Free ICs solderable according to JEDEC profile J-STD-020B?
6. Are the THT Lead free ICs solderable at 260° Celsius?
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