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Note: Please check the "Last Updated" date under the Part Number to make sure that you have the latest Data Sheet.

For Non-RoHS Packages, please contact the factory for availability.

All PIR ICs feature:

Direct Interface to PIR sensor
Two-stage differential amplifier-filter
Amplifier-filter characteristics externally programmable
Noise rejection circuitry
Programmable on-time
Single, Dual pulse modes
LED indicator output
PIR Sensor Interface….  (16 Pins)
(Note LS6501 has been replaced by LS6522 )
LS6501LP, LS6501LP-S, LS6501LP-SW
Last Updated: 10/13/08
LS6522, LS6522-S, LS6522-SW
Last Updated: 02/12/14
Selectable dead time
Ambient light inhibit
Regulated 5V for PIR Sensor
Triac/Relay output interface for AC/DC applications

Ideal for triac or relay controlled indoor occupancy sensors and outdoor
Motion-triggered lighting providing energy savings, security and convenience.

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PIR Sensor Interface….  (16 Pins)
LS6505, LS6505-S
Last Updated: 09/28/06
Selectable dead time
Triac output interface
Three selectable modes
Mode operation is determined by the 3-state Operation Select input.
Op Sel Input Mode A Mode B* Mode C
Logic 1
No change
Logic 0

  1. A Momentary logic 1 causes On condition and starts Auto operation. 15 seconds after Auto operation times out, Auto operation terminates.
  2. A momentary logic 0 causes Off condition.
  3. A momentary logic 1 causes On condition and starts Auto operation.
  4. A momentary logic 0 terminates Auto operation and causes Off condition. After 8 seconds, Auto operation resumes.

*Note: Mode B is compliant with California Title 24

Wall switch sensors are adaptable to 3-way operation with a remote switch.
Ideal for wall and ceiling mounted occupancy sensors providing energy savings and convenience.
PIR Sensor Interface…. (16 Pins)
LS6506R, LS6506R-S, LS6507R, LS6507R-S
Last Updated: 06/02/09
LS6506R drives Latching Relay
LS6507R drives Triac
Same common features as the other PIR Sensor Interface
ICs except for the Dual Pulse Mode.
Sensitivity adjustment
Pushbutton for Manual-ON / Off control
Ambient light override adjustment
Selectable time-out adjustments
3 Operating Modes
  1. Manual On or Auto On / (Manual Off and Delayed Auto On or
    (Manual Off and Manual On) or Auto Off
  2. Manual On / Manual Off or Auto Off
  3. Manual On or Auto On / Manual Off or Auto Off
Applications include Ceiling or Wall-Mounted Occupancy Sensors for control of florescent lights, electronic and magnetic ballasts, motors (LS6506R), incandescent lamps (LS6506R, LS6507R)
Concurrent pulse mode
PIR Sensor Interface…. (14 Pins)
Note LS6511 has been discontinued and replaced by LS6511N
Still available in limit quantities
LS6511, LS6511-S
Last Updated: 09/06/06
LS6511N, LS6511N-S
Last Updated: 09/25/09
LS6511N backward compatible with LS6511
Concurrent pulse mode
5V Shunt Regulator
Low Voltage Detection
Direct relay drive
Very low quiescent current
PIR Sensor Interface…. (14 Pins; 16 Pins)
LS6512, LS6512-S; LS6513, LS6513-S
Last Updated: 09/25/09
LS6512 same features as LS6511N except no Low Voltage Detection
LS6513 same as LS6511N and LS6512 except Low Voltage Detection is User selectable and Enable function is an added feature which is also User selectable

LS6512 is ideal for automatic doors; motion-triggered remote monitoring (for cameras, etc)
can be used in any application in place of LS6511N and LS6512 determined solely by the User selected features.

Low Power PIR Sensor Interface…. (14 Pins)
4 LS6525, LS6525-S
LS6526, LS6526-S
Last Updated: 11/05/15
3 Power derived from 3.0 Volt Lithium Battery
2 Vdd Operating Range 2.3V to 3.6V
3 25 uA / 35uA maximum quiescent current ( LS6525 / LS6526)
2 Direct Interface with PIR Sensor
3 Analog signal and Digital Interrupt signal outputs for interfacing with an MCU
2 Regulated 2.175V output
3 Low Battery Indicator (LS6526)
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