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Note: Please check the "Last Updated" date under the Part Number to make sure that you have the latest Data Sheet.

For Non-RoHS Packages, please contact the factory for availability.

Quad-Channel Differential Line Drivers …. (16 Pins, 20 Pins)
LS7272, LS7272-S, LS7272-TS, LS7272-20, LS7272-20S, LS7272-TS20
LS7273, LS7273-S, LS7273-TS, LS7273-20, LS7273-20S, LS7273-TS20
Last Update: 11/29/12
Voltage range = 4.5V to 30V
Input selection for Push-Pull or open drain (loads returned to power supply) - LS7272
Open drain (Input selection pin must be tied to ground and loads can be returned to voltage independent of power supply) LS7273
120mA sink/source output current drive
1.5 amp dynamic peak output current drive
Operating frequency up to 4MHZ
Thermal shutdown protection
Thermal shutdown protection disable input
1 Outputs RS422A compatible
1 Inputs CMOS/TTL compatible with hysteresis
1 Outputs fully connected or tri-state (high impedance) mode.
Quad-Channel Differential Line Drivers …. (16 Pins)
LS7273N, LS7273N-S, LS7273N-TS
Last Update: 01/31/13
Same features as LS7273 except input selection pin has no connection.
Home > Products > Line Drivers
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